SAT Prep

Students will spend 100 hours with a college professor working on mock exams, practice questions and learn new strategies. The course is perfect for high school juniors and seniors.


Minimum Students:


Course Description

The SAT is a very challenging exam for students because it covers material that they haven’t been exposed to in school. Preparation can be daunting especially when the children are buried in work and worried about the future. 11th Grade and 12th grade are full of workload both scholastic and extracurricular. To meet a vast number of student’s needs, we have created the SAT Prep course that is taught by a college professor with over 25 years of experience in teaching.

The main goal of our SAT Prep course is to prepare and present your child with a rigorous, focused, and intense preparation that provides knowledge in reading, writing and grammar.

During the course, the student will spend a total of 100 hours with the instructor working on free mock exams, practice questions and learning new strategies. Given the SAT’s importance in the college admission process, this course is perfect for high school juniors and seniors who want to get into competitive colleges.

Our Method

We start by assessing the student’s strengths and weaknesses. Then, we work with the student, teacher, and parents to make a coordinated effort towards the student’s success. Our goal will be to sharpen their strengths and work on their weaknesses. Following is a brief overview of our process.

  1. Taking the Aptitude Test: The first step is to have your child take an aptitude test. This will help to determine their baseline and what they need to work on.
  2. Analysing the Test: Once the test is taken, our certified and experienced tutors will analyse it. This will help them to understand what areas your child needs help in.
  3. Designing a Course: Based on their analysis, our tutors will design a course just for your child. This course will help them to improve in the areas they need help in.
  4. Practice: Once we know the areas your students need practice in, our tutors ensure that the student is getting the right kind of practice and more than enough of it
Why Choose Pantomath

Affordability and trustworthiness come first at Pantomath. We believe affordable tuition rates, knowledgeable instructors and small classes will help our students acquire skills necessary to excel. Our low fee rates, combined with our qualified academics, make us stand out from the competition.

We respect and value all of our students, so we only take small classes so that each individual can learn at their own pace while also getting personalized attention from the instructor.

Our program has proven to increase confidence in students and improve their overall academic performance.