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Programs in Winter Catalog

Preschool Ukulele

The Ukulele’s nylon strings are softer and gentler on your child’s
fingertips and will be a perfect beginning instrument for your child.
This is a great opportunity for parents/guardians to learn together with
their little ones and bond over music. Please bring your own Ukulele to
the class. Adults are asked to stay and learn along with their child.

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Preschool Piano

Piano helps in sharpening fine motor skills, improves dexterity and hand
eye coordination. Tiny hands will get stronger by practicing keys on
the keyboard. An adult will participate and learn along with their child.
Learning to play music together will be a fun experience to share together

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Preschool Math

Math is an important part of learning in preschool years. Strong
number sense helps in building a sound foundation for mathematical
understanding. Simple concepts of numbers, addition , subtraction,
shapes, patterns, temperature, weather, months, weight and height will
be introduced during this class. Help your child develop love for Math
through this class.

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Bollywood Dance

While learning this exciting dance form, the dancers will practice
controlled rhythmic movements and body balance along with
expressing emotions via facial gestures. This class will boost self
esteem and work on the child’s ability to follow directions

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